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Leisure enthusiasts, business travelers, and adventure lovers must visit Pineville. It’s a beautiful city surrounded by natural beauty, scenic views, and Places to visit in Pineville that deserve your presence. This beautiful city falls under the radar of every traveler for the unique experiences and potential it holds. As a local guide and a lover of this city’s charm, I have had the pleasure of exploring its every nook and cranny. So, when you come to this wonderful city, take my recommendations and explore some hidden gems that exhibit the region’s rich history, vibrant culture, and unparalleled beauty. Before that, you should fulfill your accommodation needs at Holiday Inn Express, the amazing luxury hotel that exudes serenity and indulgence.  

Quick Facts About Pineville

If you have little knowledge about Pineville, let’s give you some quick facts about the city that might interest you: 

Population Estimates on July 1, 2022 


Population Characteristics 

Veterans (2018-2022) 

High School Graduate or Higher (2018-2022) Age 25+ 


Total Accommodation and Food Service Sales ($1,000) in 2017 


Median Household Income 2018-2022 


All Employer Firms (2017) 


Population Per Square Mile 2020 



Here, I have touched upon some people, geographical, business, economic, housing, etc., indicators that give you a few insights into Pineville. With this information, we will move forward and unravel some hidden gems in the region, forming the Pineville Travel Guide 2024, which will surely appeal to you.  

Pineville Attractions You Must Visit

Hotels in Pineville, LA

Let’s get to the significant part of our blog, where a local guide takes you on a virtual tour of Pineville’s hidden gems: 

Forts Randolph And Buhlow State Historic Site 

The journey to the best-hidden spots in Pineville begins with Forts Randolph and Buhlow State Historic Site. This all-in-one place plunges you into history, hiking, and natural programs. History and nature enthusiasts from all over the world are welcome to enjoy this place. 

The well-preserved Civil War era forts delve into and offer fascinating glimpses into the region’s past.  

The intricate network of tunnels stands tall and throws you back to the ground where soldiers stand.  

A visitor center showcasing exhibits on the Civil War Red River Campaign is here, with an elevated boardwalk around the fort area overlooking the Bailey’s Dam site.   

Here, I have mentioned the point of contact details and the distance between Holiday Inn Express and this historic site for your convenience: 


135 Riverfront St, Pineville, Louisiana 71360, United States 


9 AM- 5 PM 

Distance from Holiday Inn Express 

5.3 Miles 


Gone Wild Safari  

If you’re interested in embarking on an adventurous trip where you can encounter wildlife and get up close and personal with them, Gone Wild Safari Park is the place to be. A thrilling experience awaits for visitors of all ages with exotic animals in sight. 

Get a fun, hands-on, interactive experience in the petting zoo. 

Celebrate your special occasions with a unique party station. 

Concessions and gift shops offer tasty treats and beautiful souvenirs to take home and relish.  

While the animals wander freely in their natural habitat, you get a chance to make thrilling memories. So, gather your excitement and move towards the following address. 


805 Hooper Road, Pineville, Louisiana 71360, United States 


9 AM- 4 PM 

Distance from Holiday Inn Express 

6.7 Miles 


Alexandria Museum Of Art 

Art lovers assemble and unite as we take you to feast your eyes on some beautiful and appealing pieces at the Alexandria Museum of Art. The cultural horizons expand well when you come to this magnificent place—enduring concepts, exhibitions, and much more welcome you here. 

This dynamic art museum showcases a diverse range of contemporary and historical artworks, providing a visual feast for art enthusiasts.  

Explore thought-provoking exhibits and engage in interactive displays that highlight the region's artistic heritage.  

The Alexandria Museum of Art offers a delightful detour for those seeking a cultural interlude during their Pineville visit. 

Here’s how you can reach the majestic art museum close to Holiday Inn Express, Pineville: 


933 2nd St, Alexandria, Louisiana 71301, United States 


10 AM- 5 PM 

Distance From Holiday Inn Express 

5.4 Miles 


71 Flea Market 

For a taste of local flair, come with me to head to the 71 Flea Market, a treasure trove of antiques, crafts, and unique finds. This vibrant market captures the essence of Pineville's community spirit, with local vendors offering an array of goods.  

From handmade crafts to vintage treasures, the 71 Flea Market is a shopper's paradise.  

Explore the stalls, chat with friendly vendors, and uncover hidden gems that reflect the eclectic charm of Pineville. 

Shall we embark on this thrifty yet exciting journey? Follow the contact point below: 


5115 Shreveport Hwy, Pineville, Louisiana 71360, United States 


10 AM- 6.30 PM 

Distance From Holiday Inn Express 

2.9 Miles 


Kent Plantation House 

Do you want to step back in time while you’re at Pineville? Let’s welcome you to Kent Plantation House, a well-preserved antebellum home that provides a glimpse into Louisiana's plantation history. This historic site offers guided tours, allowing visitors to explore the elegant architecture and lush gardens.  

Learn about the lives of the families who once called Kent Plantation House home and appreciate the cultural significance of this landmark.  

Kent Plantation House is a testament to Pineville's commitment to preserving its heritage for upcoming generations. 

Do you want to experience this historic house? Here’s where you need to go: 


3601 Bayou Rapides Road, Alexandria, Louisiana 71303, United States 


9 AM- 5 PM 

Distance From Holiday Inn Express 

5.7 Miles 


Holiday Inn Express: Let The Ideal Pineville Haven Be Your Comfort Space

Here’s where I finish my local guide to exploring the town from all spheres with some of the best places to visit in Pineville. The delightful punch of history, art, culture, and thrills is sure to mesmerize you. If these recommendations enthrall you, I’m sure you will love your retreat at Holiday Inn Express. We are the comfiest and the most luxurious haven where you can chill and unwind in style. As one of the finest Hotels in Pineville, LA, it is our responsibility to ensure you have an excellent stay. So, reserve your rooms with us at 2820 Monroe Highway, Pineville, LA 71360, United States. Our front desk contact number is also available, so you can access us hassle-free at +1 (318) 704-6700.    


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1. Is Public Transportation Available Near Holiday Inn Express, Pineville? 

Yes, our premises ensure the easiest commute to all the places you need because we are situated in a prime location. 

2. How Far Is The Riverfront Convention Center From Holiday Inn Express, Pineville? 

We are four miles from the Riverfront Convention Center in Pineville. 

3. What Is The Eating And Dining Scenario At Holiday Inn Express, Pineville? 

Holiday Inn Express, Pineville, offers a delicious breakfast buffet with tempting options like fluffy eggs, crispy bacon, and warm biscuits. For people in the mood for steaks, juicy burgers, and grilled meals, we allow you to create your own meal on the charcoal pit near the pool. 

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