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Pineville is a rich and vibrant region with a fascinating history and a futuristic tomorrow. This gem in Louisiana is a must-visit whenever you’re in the area. You’ll find many touristy places, and buzzing hotspots, as well as some hidden, unknown gems that reflect the community’s culture, lifestyle, and heritage. In this guide, Holiday Inn Express & Suites calls you to book our luxurious rooms and kickstart a fun trip to the magnificent attractions in the city. Our in-depth Pineville travel guide covers landmarks, shopping centers, restaurants, and much more to enrich your travel and give you deeper insights into the region. Let’s begin! 

Louisiana Tourism Numbers: General Facts & Stats

Here are some Louisiana tourism statistics you might find interesting and will add to your general knowledge: 

In 2022, Louisiana welcomed 42.6 million visitors from both domestic and international locations.  

The visitor spending generated a substantial $17.1 billion.  

Additionally, the travel and tourism activities generated $1.9 billion in total state and local tax revenues, resulting in a tax saving of $1,068 per household in Louisiana.  

The leisure and hospitality industry ranks as the fourth-largest employer in the state.  

The top three leisure travel activities for Louisiana domestic travelers include shopping, culinary/dining experiences, and visiting friends and relatives. 

A Wanderer’s Travel Guide To Pineville

We have bifurcated this travel guide into certain topics so you can easily find your pick: 

Luxury Hotel Rooms in Pineville, LA

Area Of Attractions In Pineville, LA 

Here are the best attractions in Pineville, LA, that help you immerse in the region’s culture and style: 

Kent Plantation House 

The most ancient standing structure in Central Louisiana is Kent Plantation House. It allows you to step back in time and submerge in the enriching history of the region.  

This historic plantation offers guided tours that showcase the antebellum architecture, period furnishings, and fascinating stories of the plantation's past.  

Visitors can explore beautifully landscaped gardens and gain insight into the region's plantation heritage. 

Kent Plantation House exhibits authentic artifacts from individuals who resided and worked at the residence during its active years. 

The plantation house showcases the lifestyle of Southern plantations from 1795 to 1855. 

Its main building was constructed in 1800 using labor from enslaved individuals under Pierre Baillio.  

Today, the Bousillage Creole house and meticulously restored period outbuildings serve as a tourist attraction, offering visitors a glimpse into this historical era. 

Alexandria Zoological Park 

Alexandria Zoo aims to positively influence wildlife preservation and natural habitats for future generations by offering engaging and inspiring experiences for all ages. Nestled amidst majestic oaks, towering cypress trees, and vibrant bamboo, visitors can embark on an adventure through diverse natural habitats to encounter over 160 species from around the globe. 

Since 1986, Alexandria Zoo has maintained continuous accreditation from the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, solidifying its position as the top year-round family attraction in the region. 

Step into a world of wildlife wonders, surrounded by the calls and cries of animals, right in the heart of Central Louisiana.  

Since its establishment in 1922, Alexandria Zoological Park has captivated generations of visitors with the marvels of the natural world. 

Through a blend of recreational, educational, and cultural activities, the Zoo endeavors to foster connections between people of all ages and wildlife conservation efforts.  

As part of its mission, Alexandria Zoo actively supports conservation initiatives locally and globally, providing a sanctuary for over 35 threatened and endangered species. 

Restaurants In Pineville, LA 

Here are the finest restaurants in Pineville, LA, to enjoy scrumptious food: 

The Cajun Catfish House LLC 

Experience authentic Cajun flavors at The Cajun Catfish House LLC, specializing in delectable catfish dishes and traditional Southern cuisine.  

Whether you prefer fried catfish platters or spicy Cajun shrimp pasta, the restaurant's menu offers a taste of Louisiana's soulful cooking. 

Los Portales Mexican Restaurant 

Los Portales Mexican Restaurant has been delighting Pineville, Louisiana, with its authentic Mexican cuisine for over two decades.  

They provide a diverse menu of savory Mexican dishes made from the freshest natural ingredients, wholesome sauces, and a blend of flavorful spices that tantalize the taste buds.  

The restaurant caters to individuals, groups, and business gatherings, ensuring a satisfying dining experience for all. 

Shopping Centers In Pineville, LA 

Here are our recommendations for shopping in Pineville, LA: 

Alexandria Mall 

Shopaholics rejoice at Alexandria Mall, a premier shopping destination with various retail stores, boutiques, and dining options. The mall caters to diverse shopping preferences, from fashion brands to electronics and accessories. After a day of shopping, relax with a meal at one of the mall's restaurants. 

Bless Your Heart Flea Market 

Bless Your Heart Flea Market is available in Central Louisiana, where hundreds of vendors offer various products. Their products include preserved goods, secondhand items, boutique items, handmade items, antiques, and much more.  

Hotels In Pineville, LA 

If you’re looking for hotels in Pineville, LA, we only have one option for you.  

Holiday Inn Express & Suites 

Holiday Inn Express & Suites is the luxurious haven to revel in indulgence and comfort. Our modern amenities, spacious suites, and complimentary benefits offer a chilling and rejuvenating stay. 

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Concluding Your Pineville Journey

Beyond its attractions, restaurants, shopping centers, and accommodations, Pineville offers scenic parks, cultural events, and outdoor recreational opportunities. Take a stroll along the Red River or explore hiking trails in the nearby Kisatchie National Forest for a nature retreat. To immerse yourself in the vibrant community spirit, you can also attend local festivals to celebrate Louisiana's music, cuisine, and heritage. Plan your visit to the region with our Pineville travel guide today and create unforgettable memories in this captivating destination. 




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